Site Credits

Coalition Technologies custom built this website for Unreal. Coalition Technologies is a Shopify design and development company that has offices in Los Angeles and Seattle. Launched in February 2021, this website has the following features:

  • Announcement Bar
  • Navigation header 
  • Ability to add in marquee banner that can change out or be removed altogether
  • Footer with link to wholesale and newsletter signup
  • Integration of Instagram feed
  • Integration of a review platform 
  • Development of custom home pages 
  • Development of custom Product pages 
  • Development of a custom Store Locator page
  • Development of static pages 
  • Development of a Blog / Recipe page. 
The Coalition Technologies team includes over 70 highly skilled experts in web design, development, and online marketing. Using proven techniques, the dedicated staff at Coalition Technologies is able to optimize Shopify websites for increased traffic and higher search rankings and conversions.